Moving Out: A Cleaning Checklist


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Moving is exciting. It’s a fresh start to a new life in a new home. The downside to moving is cleaning. If you are moving out of an apartment then you have to leave the place clean to get your deposit back and not get charged a high amount for something as easy as wiping out the microwave. If you are moving out of a house and trying to sell it then you want it sparkling so that you can get top dollar.

Once the boxes are out and in storage or your new home it hits you that your move is far from over. Dirt can get anywhere and we tend to be surprised when we see just how much dirt can accumulate in a home that we kept clean. Continue reading

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The Best Way To Keep A Rug Clean

The thought of cleaning a rug can be a daunting one purely because this is the point that you realise how much dirt it is exposed to on a daily basis. New rugs are expensive and new carpets or hard flooring even more so, so it’s important to keep this one looking clean and fresh for as long as possible. Here are a few tips on how to minimise damage to your favourite rug and how to clean them correctly. Continue reading

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How to Take Care of Your Carpet

Unless you have a wad of cash sitting around all the time, chances are that you cannot afford to change your carpets on an annual basis. So if you’re trying to stretch the life of your carpets and keeping it from looking worn out or if you just want to know how to troubleshoot basic carpet issues, then here a few things that you would be interested in knowing: Continue reading

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Home Remedies That Can Remove Stubborn Carpet Stains

No one likes a carpet stain. They can be difficult to get out and can ruin a beautiful carpet. So, when food or other objects are dropped, it can create feelings of dread. If caught in time, a permanent stain can be avoided. Usually, there are several home remedies that can effectively remove stains from the carpet. Here are a few around-the-house items that will get the job done.

Continue reading

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Tips On Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

At some point, most homeowners will suffer a foul smelling odor within their home. The culprit could be anything from pet smells to something much more sinister like damp wood or an infestation of unwanted pests. Whatever the cause of the odor it is important that you identify it and act as quickly as possible to help rid your home of the smell. Masking it can help improve the scent of a room for a little while but getting rid of the cause as well as the bacteria or other spores that are causing the smell will give you the kind of long term relief you require. Continue reading

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Best Oven Cleaners: Three Top Products to Check Out

Ovens and cookers go through so an awful lot day in day out. They have to deal with +200 degree Celsius temperatures, prolonged periods of use, food which spits fat all over the place and after a couple of weeks worth of food being cooked, chances are inside that once gleaming oven doesn’t look so great anymore.

So what can you do? Well clean it of course. Unlike a worktop surface, tiled floor or hob however, ovens are a little bit trickier to clean due to food residue quite literally being burned on to the surface of the oven. Continue reading

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