Clean Carpets in 3 Steps

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Keeping your carpet in good shape can be a tricky business. With so many issues such as bad odour, stains and spills as well as the constant threat of dust mites, germs, fungi and other microorganisms, maintaining your carpet fresh and clean can be a burdensome task for many carpet owners. Spotless carpets contribute both to the physical appearance and ambiance of a room. But having in mind that clean carpeting have the potential to make the difference in the overall atmosphere of a home, the efforts are worthwhile.

Do not worry if you are facing are the dilemma whether to keep your carpeting clean or to go out. Now you can do both. There are many easy to follow solutions that will immensely ease the maintenance of your carpeting. Here are the top 3 most helpful ones.

Vacuuming on regular basis- Carpets accumulate high amounts of dust, dirt, and bacteria on a daily basis. It can be described as a large sponge under your feet. Regular vacuuming can alleviate the degree of accumulation of unwanted soil, mud, or any other particles that find their way to your carpeting. Vacuuming removes these elements from the surface and greatly reduces the chances for unpleasant odours or fabrics damage. Vacuuming is probably the single best way to keep your carpet fresh and clean.

Have a Carpet Cleaning Schedule- Just vacuuming will not suffice to do the job. Commercial products will not help much either. The best plan is to create a regular programm of weekly vacuuming and application of dry powder cleaner. Unfortunately, as mentioned above carpets accumulate great amounts of unwanted dirt, grime and germs. So it is good idea to have your carpets deep cleaned with a professional equipment every 6 to 8 months. You can hire such equipment from various places, but it is not a job for everyone. Besides, it is time consuming, so for those without the time, it is a good idea to hire someone to the do cleaning for you.

Clean Up Spills Immediately- If left unattended food spills can cause unpleasant smell in your carpeting. The best way to fight this kind of problem is to start immediately cleaning up the spills. It is really that easy. Once you have spilled something, bring your cleaning tools and products out of the closet and start cleaning up instantly. After you have removed the spill, rinse out with water and dry throughly the area.

I do not claim to have invented the wheel with these 3 recommendations for clean carpets. But following them you can introduce the change you want to see in your home. It can really make the difference whether or not your carpeting remains clean and odour free.

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