5 Fantastic Makeover Tips For Your Rented Home

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Though renting a place on your own or with friends can be fun, it has a few drawbacks. One of the most common thing that bothers renters are the clauses in the lease agreement forbidding alterations of the unit. Only a small number of landlords are willing to allow improvements to the place which are deducted from the rent. If you’re in such a terrible situation but still feel you can do more to feel comfortable in your rented apartment then you will like these 5 tips and tricks!

You Can Add Colour On The Wall

When you’re not allowed to paint walls in your unit, don’t despair. It’s a quite common sign leases to forbid such actions. Fortunately enough, there is a way out of it. For you information painting isn’t the only way to put colour on your walls. Hand pictures and paintings or even a ceiling to bottom canvas. Add a tasteful drape and now you have more colours in the living room. You see, it isn’t that hard to improve a place without violating your lease.

Give Furniture Better Look

When you’re renting and have to live with an old and drab sofa for one reason or another (lack of money for own furniture or a stubborn landlord) there are actually a few things you can try before you start moaning how unfair life is. First, consider cleaning the upholstery. In nine out of ten cases it should work. However, if it doesn’t, use slipcovers! Today you can buy elegant ones which will bring style and sophistication to your rented place.

Fix Things

Even though as a tenant you’re not allowed to change things around the place, you can always grab a screwdriver and fix what’s not functioning properly or is completely broken! Squeaky hinges or loose doorknobs can be fixed with ease in no time and make the place a lot more nicer to live in. You can go even further and replace all old apartment hardware like knobs, dresser drawers and light switch plates. When the time comes to leave you can take it all and return the old ones back.


It’s fine rule to follow that if you haven’t used a thing in three months (probably you’ve forgot you even had it) to get rid of it. First, you’ll be able to free up more space for you! Actually, a home should be as comfortable as possible, not a storage unit. Next, lots of stuff blunts the look of the interior and you can’t enjoy your design efforts. Last but not least, you can either donate the stuff you don’t use and make someone who less fortunate happy or try to sell the stuff to recuperate some of your investments.

Make Something For That Floor

If you rely on your landlord to clean or replace the old carpet, then you will have to wait a long time. If they haven’t already done it, they would probably never do it. So, take the matter seriously and make something about it. As with the furniture problem try first with cleaning. Hire a carpet cleaning company or rent a steam cleaner from the nearest hardware store. If it doesn’t help, then the carpet is beyond salvation. Try another tactic – cover extremely worn-out areas with rugs.

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