5 Money Saving Cleaning Tips

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Not only do most people loathe the never ending chore that is cleaning, but what makes it all the more annoying is the fact that cleaning can become quite costly. These five tips will help you to keep your home clean while avoiding unnecessary expense.

  1. Make your own cleaning materials.
    You don’t need your own chemistry kit in order to make your own cleaning solutions. By using a variety of natural and eco-friendly ingredients that are easy to get hold of you can banish the costly off the shelf cleaning sprays, lotions and potions and effectively degrease, freshen and disinfect without them. White vinegar, lemon, tea tree oil, bicarbonate of soda and good old fashioned tap water can be used in a variety of ways to clean the home, leaving it fresh and your pocket much healthier.
  2. DIY carpet cleaning
    A couple of times a year, more if your home is a high traffic area ,why not look at carpet cleaning machines to rent for a day in order to give your carpet a really good once over, lifting dirt from deep down, freshening the carpet and extending its life. Cheap spot cleaners often damage a carpet and nothing looks worse that a spotty grimy rug or carpet. Carpet cleaning can give a whole new lease of life to a room and is infinitely cheaper than replacing carpets that look past their best.
  3. Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths
    There are a number of eco-friendly cleaning materials such as those sold by ECloth which are designed to clean the entire home with minimum effort and little or no chemicals. These cloths, mops and sponges are reusable and are designed in such a way that dramatically cuts back on the need for any costly chemical cleaners.
    If you want the cut the cost further then cut up old t-shirts to use as dusters and polishing cloths.
  4. Look after Your Appliances
    By regularly cleaning your washing machine, tumble dryer, cleaning the filter and emptying or replacing the bag in your vacuum cleaner you will increase their efficiency. A tumble dryer for example that is fluff free will take less time to dry the laundry which results in a saving on the electricity bill. A cleaned washing machine will wash better and last longer saving money in the long run. Last but not least a vacuum cleaner that is properly maintained will again work better and use electricity while it is doing so.
  5. Keep on Top of Your Cleaning
    The best way to reduce the time, effort and money spent on doing a “big clean” is to keep on top of household chores. Put together a daily routine that helps you keep on top of dirt and grime, declutter as you go along and try and organise your home so that dust collecting object that are not needed are put away properly. This will make a significant difference to how much you find yourself spending on cleaning your home as built up dirt often requires more drastic and expensive forms of cleaning.
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