5 Remarkably Easy Ways To Cut Energy Bills This Summer

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You would be surprised how many ways there are to save moeny in the summer. If you think that you only spend money in the summer, think twice. Even though your air conditoner works overtime to cool your home, there are lots of ways to decrease its burden, hence its electircity consumption. Continue reading with this article to learn a few secrets you would wish you had know earlier. 

Clean Home

Start with cleaning your air conditioner’s filters. Clean filters will let your cooling system run smoothly and be as efficient as possible. Once you’re done with the filters consider cleaning around the house. Reducing the amount of dust and dirt inside will make air cleaner, crisper and create the feeling of freshness. For example, a service by a carpet cleaning Streatham company will reduce dust and dirt tremendously, make your air conditioner work more easily and save you money.


Home insulation is equally good in keeping a home warm in the winter as well as keeping it cool during hot summer days. A well-insulated property is shielded from inside and outside. First, good-quality insulation doesn’t allow air, cooled from the air conditioner to escape outside. On the other hand, insulation stops the hot air from outside to enter into your home. All this is said to lower monthly heating and cooling costs by a staggering 20 percent!

Shade The Windows

Blinds and shades are two excellent tools to have in your arsenal when you want to beat the scorching heat outside. Let’s start with shades. Though shades won’t restrict the air flow/leakage they can play a huge role in keeping your home cool and reducing energy bills. For example, a south-facing awning reduces solar heat gain by 65 percent. Interior blinds are good both for light and ventilation control. It’s estimated that on a sunny day the can reduce heat gain by a whooping 45 percent!

Though curtains and drapes aren’t as effective as blinds or shades, they can reduce the heat gain of the home as well. It’s calculated that medium-coloured curtains can reduce heat gain by 33 percent.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are highly efficient way to control the temperature in your home and save money at the same time. This new cool thermostat learns your habits and behaviour and adjusts house temperature accordingly. What’s more it can be controlled via your laptop or smartphone when you are not home. Imagine coming from the airport in a cold winter evening and setting this smart gadget to switch on the heating so it’s nice and warm inside when you come home.

Switch Off and Unplug

Even though you stop using a device and switch it off but it’s unplugged, it still sucks up electricity from the network. Idle appliances and gadgets consume billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity without benefiting our life. Only draining valuable resources and wasting billions, which can be spend more wisely. Another big electricity gobblers are old kitchen appliances like fridges, ovens, toasters, etc.

Most of the pre-1993 manufactured models consume up to 50 percent more energy than modern electricity-efficient appliances. Now that you know the facts, consider replacing old gadgets with new ones, even the fridge in the garage. Another energy-saving option are fluorescent or LED lightbulbs. They are several times more durable than incandescent ones and their electricity consumption is cut in half.

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