5 Tips To Clean Your Home in Under 40 Minutes

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When you don’t have an entire day to clean your home, you will have to deal with what you have. What if family friends call and tell you they will be at your place in an hour, even less? How can you catch up with all the cleaning chores you have left for the weekend? Carpet cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning or window cleaning are time-consuming tasks. But don’t despair. Below you can find a few great ideas to help you prep your home in under 40 minutes for your guests.

Use A Timer

Turn a boring task like carpet cleaning in an exciting competition with yourself using a timer. You can record the time you need for certain tasks and then try to beat it next time. Alternatively, you can set a time limit to complete a chore. Thus you’ll feel compelled to finish before time elapses. Another great idea is to use the microwave timer. For an instance put a meal or something else in the microwave and try to clean the dishes before the timer stops.

Get The Family Involved

An extra pair of hands is always welcome when it comes to cleaning. Besides less chores for you, this way you will make the entire family work together and enjoy some quality time. Not to mention that you’ll teach the kids a few valuable lessons – to help others, be responsible and take care for themselves. And if they’re too young, you can always give them easy tasks like folding clothes or just picking up their toys from the ground. Last but not least, instead of hiring expert carpet cleaners, for example, engaging your family will reduce family expenditures. More moeny for family vacations!

Relocate Items/De-clutter

I had a chair in the kitchen which somehow always found its way in the living room. One day I decided that I will leave it there. In case something constantly pops in a place where it doesn’t seem to belong it probably means you need to reconsider your interior layout. Most certainly it is more helpful in the other place. Be always alert about things you don’t use. If you find you haven’t moved or even noticed something is there then you probably won’t need it at all. So you can either store it way, donate or sell it.

Make A List and Schedule

Planning and organizing are key to successful results in any undertaking, no matter if it’s a special ops mission or something more mundane like cleaning your home. You can create your own cleaning schedule to fit your other social engagements, work, etc. When you’re done allocating chores for the week, it’s time to make a list of all that has to be done like cleaning the carpet/rug/upholstery, furniture polishing, garbage disposal, laundry, etc. You can also mark how often the chores has to be performed in the week.

Small Steps

Remember to be consistent in your efforts. As suggested in the tip above, it’s much better to spread tasks along the week days rather than leaving everything for the weekend. Every time you feel bored or it’s time to complete a particularly unpleasant task find to do something else along to distract you. On top of my mind, you can watch TV or listen to the radio, singing along your favourite songs. All these small distractions will help you cope with the tasks a lot easier.

Author Bio: Jessica Rose is a great fan of easy recipes for success. Today she shares her ideas about speed home cleaning. She also like to thank Carpet Cleaning Kensington for their help around preparing the article.

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