Bachelor’s Guide: Last-Minute Apartment Clean Up for Visitors

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We all want to be comfortable in our own homes, but you just never know when company will show up. Whether you’re a “neat freak” or a friendly slob, there are some things you should never leave laying around for other people to see. Regardless of whether your visitor is a new girlfriend, a family member or your buddies stopping by to watch the game, follow these easy tips to save yourself from embarrassment and keep your valuables safe.

  • Another girl’s belongings: There’s probably no faster way to chase off a potential new lady friend than by letting her find another girl’s stuff in your place. It doesn’t matter what it is—earrings, shoes, undergarments—NEVER leave this stuff laying out for anyone else to see. If you notice that a female guest has left something behind, just tuck it away safely in an out-of-the-way drawer until you can return it to her.
  • Questionable magazines, books and videos: Let’s face it, we’re only human. You may, on occasion, enjoy taking a peek at the latest issue of Playboy or decide to pick up a risqué video. But whatever you do, don’t leave them laying around! Your buddies may not mind, but if a girlfriend, sister or—God forbid—your mom stumbles across them, it can be embarrassing for them and you.
  • Trash: Now this may go without saying, but even if you’re not fanatic about keeping the place spotless, always throw your trash away. Walking into a friend’s house and seeing empty beer cans and pizza boxes is just plain nasty. Your friends will think you’re lazy, and it will be a total turn-off to any lady who happens to drop by. Keeping on top of it is easy to do—just get in the habit of throwing trash away on the spot. Trash belongs in the garbage can. Period.
  • Dirty clothes, dirty towels, dirty dishes: It may not be quite as obvious as trash, but if you leave a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink, it’s just not a good reflection on you no matter who drops by to visit. Again, it’s easy to keep up with—just invest in a clothes hamper and load up the dishwasher after every meal.
  • Wallet, money, checkbook, keys, credit cards: If you live alone, you may not even think about it much, but it’s important to keep your valuables in a safe place. If you throw parties or are in the habit of inviting guests over that you don’t know well, this is a must. But even if you don’t, keeping your wallet, checkbook and keys hidden away in a safe place is just a smart thing to do. An added benefit—if you keep them in the same place all the time (a drawer in a desk, for example), you’ll never lose them.
  • Guns: If you own guns, whether they’re pistols for protection or rifles for hunting, always make sure that the guns are locked away in a safe place—unloaded. This is an obvious precaution for people who have kids. But even if you don’t, it’s extremely important to keep them locked away and keep the ammo separate from the guns. It’s the smart and safe thing to do.
  • Cell phone, laptop, smart phone: You may not think of these devices as private, but they actually are quite private. Just think of the bank account information, phone numbers, email addresses, photographs and other personal information you have stored on your devices. Keep personal information about you and people you care about private. Don’t leave these items out where a guest may mistake your smart phone for his or, even worse, where someone can intentionally take your device.

Even if you’re a little relaxed about your housekeeping, it’s important to keep up with the basics—like trash pickup, dirty clothes and dirty dishes—not only for the sake of your visitors, but for your sake as well. And it’s equally important to keep your personal items tucked away and weapons out of reach. In many cases, you’ll save yourself and your guests from a good deal of embarrassment. But it’s also just common sense…even in a bachelor pad!

Misty Matthews writes for Austin’s Maid Service, a house cleaning and business cleaning service in Austin TX, which provides a 100% Clean Guarantee by screened and trained maids. For more information, contact Austin’s Maid Service, 700 Lavaca #1400-2292, Austin, TX 78701, Phone: (512) 582-2340. 

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