Being A Housewife Is Hard

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I try to be like my mother she can do anything from going to work, to cook wonderful meals, keep the house sparkling clean and always look splendidly. I really don’t know how she manages to do this, I’ve tried and to tell you the truth failed with a bang. I just couldn’t cope with everything and at the same time still have time to sleep at night yet alone look like a model form a magazine cover. So I have a choice to make to call Carpet Cleaning Finchley or to ask my mom… so – I asked my mother for help.

Things Are Not As You Thought Them To Be

I went over to see her one weekend and while we were drinking tea I asked what was her secret to always manage with all the chores and still have enough time to put on a make-up and sleep at night. She laughed so hard I started thinking she was mocking me but in fact, she was just amused I thought she was a superwoman. Then she explained to me that things are not just as I thought they were and she did actually do little work.

Just then I remembered how many times I have washed the dishes, taken out the garbage or cleaned not only my rooms but the living room. Since very young age I was trained to be a housewife without even realizing it. Then my mother told me my dad also helped with chores around the house even if it was only to vacuum or beat the carpets and rugs. Things seemed much more rational now how my mother could cope up with everything.

She even confessed that sometimes the was not in the mood to clean and my father wasn’t home, I and my brother were at a friend and she hired cleaning services. As I always thought a clever woman is my beloved mother, of course, I can’t possibly force two teenagers to do anything around the house. They don’t even clean their own rooms yet alone help me with the cleaning chores which leaves all the work to me and my husband.

How To Deal With The Fatigue

Unfortunately, we both have tough jobs which are connected with mental pressure and stress after we get home the last thing we want to do is star cleaning the house. Sometimes we even don’t bother cooking, we just order something and eat it in front if the television watching a film. Of course, I know about the balance if your job is connected with mental work you should perform physical activities after work to restore the balance.

One of the best ways to do this is by cleaning the house, the movements are automatic because your body knows what to do and you can think of anything you want. This way the mind is at the piece and at the same time do something useful. Great on theory but in practice things are quite different because all you want to do after a hard day at work is to take a shower and go to bed. Good thing I use my mother’s secret way of cleaning – professional cleaning services saves you time and money.

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