Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Suitable For You?

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It is true that many people have absolutely no idea how to properly clean and treat their textile flooring. Nowadays there are so many types of carpets and rugs we can easily get confused, moreover when we purchase we often forget to ask about the cleaning procedure. Unfortunately if we’re not careful enough this may result in purchasing new carpet when we attempt to thoroughly clean it improperly and cause permanent damage.

Types Of Fabric

First I would like to tell you a few words regarding the material carpets and rugs are made a form. The fibres used in the manufacturing process are two types natural and synthetic. Those two have sub-classes and can be mixed in different proportions to create a thread which has the best qualities of both types. In general, natural fabrics are sensitive to moisture and less durable compared to synthetic ones.

On the other hand, they have better noise and heat insulation qualities, therefore, are preferred by most home-owners. They’re also more expensive and require special treatment, but I can assure you they’re worth the price. As for the synthetic carpets, they have quite a lot of advantages such as durability, ease of cleaning since they’re tolerant to moisture and resistance against fading. Another important thing you need to know regarding carpets is they have individual pH.

If you use the wrong cleaning solution you risk damaging the fabric of your textile flooring and repairing a carpet or a rug is extremely difficult if not impossible. Therefore, I suggest you look for professional help from Carpet cleaning Dulwich, at least, the first time in order to understand which cleaning products to use. Moreover, you’ll see the actual process which will be crucial for your future DIY cleaning attempts.

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

I would like to give you a glimpse of some of the commonly used carpet cleaning methods which are developed to deal with both types of textile flooring. First I would like to present you steam cleaning commonly known amongst specialists as hot water extraction. This is proven to be the most effective cleaning method because it mainly uses the power of hot water which disinfects and removes even the toughest stains.

Professional carpet cleaners use special detergents with different pH, pre-treating solvents and spot cleaners. The process can take up to three hours depending on the condition of the carpet and the only disadvantage of this method is the drying time. You won’t have any problems during summer if you open all the windows but if you decide to deep clean your textile flooring when it is colder I have a better option for you.

It is called dry cleaning and it is mainly used for offices and moisture sensitive area rugs and carpets. A special dry compound is sprinkled onto the fabric which is then agitated with a bonnet or a brush. The compound blends and attract dirt and soil particles, after that it is removed form the fibres of the carpet via powerful vacuum cleaners. Although this is considered to be deep cleaning it actually can’t penetrate as deep as the hot water extraction, therefore, it is preferred for freshening and improving the general looks of textile flooring.

If you’re not sure which cleaning method to use for your carpets I would strongly recommend you contact a professional. When the technicians come to your house they’ll be able to determine the type of flooring you have and use suitable cleaning method. This will, in fact, save you a lot of time and you can b sure your carpet or rug will be properly treated.

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