Carpets And Babies

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Carpet flooring is often preferred in nursery rooms and kids rooms because of its many beneficial qualities. Carpets are a good noise and temperature insulator. Unlike tiles carpets are soft and warm on the feet and rooms that have carpet flooring are cozier and warmer in general. In addition to all that, when toddlers begin to crawl and walk, carpets are ideal. With their soft texture, they are the safest flooring type for children who are making their first steps and fall more often than others.

Don’t be deluded, though, carpets don’t come without disadvantages. Carpet cleaning becomes a problem quite often, because spills and other stains are normal not only in children’s rooms, but in every other room in your house. Children are a lot clumsier and often spill things, or simply decide to see what will happen if they use their crayons on the carpet. These are normal things and you should neither get angry, nor worry. Simply, be prepared. Vacuum clean often, as carpets have the tendency to get dusty very quickly. If your baby is crawling, it will inhale dust and, obviously that’s bad for its health. In addition, in order to remove stains you will need carpet cleaning solutions – if you need to use such make sure their ingredients are safe for babies. Make sure they don’t irritate the baby’s skin. The best way to clean is either by steam cleaning your carpet (the heat kills all the bacteria), or by using vinegar and water. Vinegar disinfects.

An occasional deep cleaning is also desirable, however if you think you can’t do it yourself, you can always find professional carpet cleaning services in your area. Also remember, that babies and little children sometimes react to new carpets. For this reason, you need to make sure that the carpet you install is made from natural products. Avoid synthetics and chemicals. Alternatively you could just add a hardwood or laminated flooring.

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