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Carpets are a prominent fixture in every household.  Some prefer wall-to-wall carpets, other place theirs over their laminated, hardwood, or tile flooring. With time, however, everyone finds out that maintaining the as-good-as-new look on their carpets becomes a challenge.

Many people think that the look on their carpet depends on how they care of it. As much as carpet cleaning is a very important part of it, it all comes down to choosing the right carpet for you on the first place. Why is this important? Because some carpets are good for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and nursery rooms, others are more durable and better for high-traffic-areas such as corridors and stair-ways.

There are two main carpet categories – cut and loop. Cut carpets are better for low-traffic areas as they attract dust, hair, etc. Loop carpets on the other hand resist dirt and wear. In addition, to choosing the right type for each room, you should also be smart about colours. Don’t put a light, pale carpet in a high-traffic area. It will stain easy and will become very difficult to clean and maintain. If you would like to keep the look on your carpet for longer keep in mind that some carpets fade on sunshine. So you may want to move them around in the house.

Of course, cleaning carpets could be very tricky at times, but the good news is that there are always cheap carpet cleaning services available and an occasional deep cleaning will help you take your mind off it.

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