Choosing the Right Carpeting for Your Home

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When you find the right carpeting for your home you’ll know. You’ll know the first time that your toes slyly dig into the thick, plush fibers and with each step you take, noting the soft feel beneath your feet, that you’ve found the perfect flooring for your home. Carpet creates a soundproof, cozy, and therapeutic environment, making it a top flooring choice amongst homeowners.

These feelings can be induced by both the quality and type of carpeting that one chooses to install in his or her home. Although carpeting requires more maintenance than a variety of other flooring options, its pros outweigh its cons due to its ability to lock in warmth and noise.

Carpet Buying Advice

First, it is critical to seek out the proper type of padding, although many are tempted to skip the padding, chooing to keep existing padding or no padding at all, it is a necessary part of the carpeting and its comfort. Not only does it increase the appearance of the carpeting, it creates a backbone for it, which ultimately increases its life. The padding should correspond to the carpeting, for example, cut pile or cut loop carpeting should have a padding of about 7/16-inch per six pounds of density per cubic feet, Berber and thin loop require about 3/8-inch per eight pounds.

Next, it is important to choose the particular style of carpeting. For example, there is Saxony, Plush, Berber, textured, and freize to select from. The style of carpeting that one chooses can influence how often the carpet requires vacuuming and cleaning, how easily it shows traffic wear, the way it feels when walking on it, and the way it accents a room.

When choosing your carpet, keep in mind that the right carpet does not have to vacuum out your budget; there are a number of synthetic fibers that feel and hold up just as well as others that are more in cost. The key is to price around and find the quality materials that fit your budget and still meet your needs.

Finally, it is imperative to choose the right company to undertake your carpet installation. The way carpeting is installed dictates its final appearance. The ultimate goal is to prevent any bumps, obvious seams, and other issues, such as bad cuts. It is also helpful to have a warranty on your carpeting; this will provide an additional safeguard for your flooring.

Low Maintenance Tips

The ticket to decreasing the amount of maintenance, while extending your carpet’s life is to seek higher-end materials; avoiding the cheapest products on the market, as they often stain and deteriorate easier. Elements that may influence one when choosing carpeting can range from the amount of traffic that is inflicted on it to the color and fabric preference of the buyer.

Choosing the right carpeting for your entire home or even an individual room involves a number of decisions that must be made, ranging from the padding, the price, the warranty, the style, and the color. There are a variety of ways to determine what carpeting best suits the buyer, so choose yours carefully.

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