How To Clean Your Home After A Party?

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Who doesn’t love summer it is the time when people are happy and cheerful, the time when the weather is hot and you forget about long sleeves and trousers. Summer is also the time for a vacation, forget about your boss or the murmuring co-workers. After all you’ve worked all year long for this – a week when you are free and don’t have to deal with deadlines. And of course apart form going on a vacation to some exotic place you can have a party surrounded by the comfort of your home.

Organizing The Party

On theory it seems wonderful but when it comes to the execution things are a little different. You have to be prepared for some setbacks. Only people who have organized a party for more than ten people will know what I’m talking about. The first thing you have to do is clean and tidy your house. Remove any fragile items or possessions you think may be damaged, broken or destroyed. Remove any unnecessary things from under or around the table to make for more space. Remove items from the room you’re hosting your party as well. It would provide space for dancing and moving, too.

Since not all the rooms will be used clean those which will be in order to save some time. Put the bathroom first on your cleaning list. There is nothing worse than going in a dirty bathroom. Remove any soapy residue form the mirror, walls and place fresh clean towels. Once you’re done with the cleaning it is time to go shopping. Make sure you have everything necessary like napkins, food and drinks. Use plastic forks and plates if you don’t want to put dishes and glasses at risk. Besides, you won’t have to wash plastic ones after the party.

How To Proceed After The Party

It is party sure your house will be a mess after the party and you’ll have to think of some plan for action. Once the gusts have left you can start cleaning. I recommend you call your best friend if you’re living alone so things can be done faster. Begin with removing all the things which are going to be thrown away. Each of you should take a big plastic bag and cover one room. Once you’re ready with the trash stains and damage will be revealed.

Get the vacuum cleaner and the mop if you have hard flooring at your home. Remove all small particles which you have missed during the initial cleaning. Next comes the all purpose cleaner and stain removal. Again it is better if both of you deal with different rooms.

If you have a hangover or just don’t want to bother with cleaning hire a company to do it for you. Prices are quite attractive this time of the year and probably you can get additional things cleaned. But be careful to pick a reliable, professional cleaning agency. Ask Google or local directories like Yelp or Yell. Otherwise, you risk your home to be cleaned by people who don’t have a clue and might cause more damage than good.

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