Cleaning An Oriental Rug Tips

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As mentioned in our previous post on oriental rugs one of the best ways to clean an oriental carpet is by keeping it from getting dirty. This applies to all other carpets, but as oriental ones are made of natural fibres you should try and minimize the “wear factor”. In this part I hope you will learn more about rug cleanin

You are advised to use oriental rugs in low-traffic areas such as bedrooms but never hallways and corridors. In living rooms oriental rugs look very exotic and add to the cozy atmosphere. The living room is ok, even though it is high-traffic as long as the traffic is sock-foot. Otherwise rug cleaning can turn into a nightmare. If you have an oriental rug in a low-traffic area you don’t really need to wash it that often. Of course, an occasional dusting and vacuum cleaning is good. However, frequent treatment with dangerous chemicals is no advisable.

When you wash an affected spot or try to remove a stain avoid scrubbing as that will cause the spotted area to fade quickly and, of course, will be responsible for pulling fibres. When washing, do it quickly in order to prevent the colour from running. Colour running is normal with oriental rugs, but in order to reduce it when shampooing your oriental rug add to your solution some vinegar. Vinegar also kills bacteria and germs so it is a win-win situation.

Do you see now that rug cleaning is actually not such a big deal, as long as you know when it is high-time to clean it and how to prevent colour running, as well as fading.

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