Useful Tips on Cleaning Braided Rugs

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Braided rugs are one of the flooring covers that is popular in the winter season. These floor covers can be laid on high traffic areas as well as low traffic areas. This feature makes them susceptible to grime. Carpets need utmost care so that they remain spotless. There may be many times that you spill some solution or stain the rugs without any odd intentions. Carpets can be prone to accidental spills, dust and dirt.

You can keep braided rugs clean with the help of some very useful carpet cleaning methods. Read the points below to know more.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners can be a good option to free braided rugs off dirt. This technique is best for large carpets. You can start working on steam cleaner from the edges of the carpet. Slowly move in the steam cleaner to the center. Move it in the direction of the pile. If your carpet is fringed, then you have to be careful while cleaning them with this machine.

Hand Wash and Dry Cleaning

You can hand wash braided rugs made from natural materials like wool and cotton. But sometimes these carpets may be kept clean with the help of dry washes. You can add cleaning agents and solvents to get rid of dirt from your rug. When you hand wash a carpet, make sure you do not scrub too hard. Scrubbing fabric too hard can harm the carpet. You can dry the rug in dry cleaner. You can even soak out certain carpets in direct sunlight or room temperature.

Natural Detergents

You should use natural or soft detergents to clean braided rugs. You can even ask the manufacturer of your carpet to provide rug cleaning agents while product purchase. Never try the whole rug cleaning solvent on the carpet. You should always test the solution on a small portion of the carpet before using it entirely for cleaning the product. You can even use natural cleaning agents like vinegar and ammonia on braided rugs.

Vacuum Cleaning

One of the most popular and regular methods to keep braided rugs clean is vacuum cleaning. You may use a vacuum cleaner to take out the dirt and grainy dirt particles from your carpets. You may try vacuuming your carpets every third or fourth week of a month. Vacuuming helps the rug look spick and span. You should be careful that the fringes of your braided rugs do not get caught in vacuum cleaners.


You can even take out your braided rugs outside and hang it from a rod. Use soft bristle brush or soft cleaning rug broom to dust the carpet. You can repeat the process on both the sides of the carpet. This will aid in freeing your carpet of insects, dust and ingrained foreign particles. You can perform this cleaning task once a month.

Additional Tips on Maintenance and Storage

  • Store your braided rugs in cool and dry place. This will keep your carpet free of wetness and other odd conditions.
  • You should put in some anti pest medicinal pellets in rug pads of braided rugs while storing them. This will keep unnecessary pests and insects at bay.
  • Try not to spill drinks or drop food items on carpets. Use table cloth or a table mat before you settle on carpets to eat or drink.
  • Do not place objects with pointed edge on braided carpets. This can harm the surface of your carpet and create dent marks.

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