Cleaning The House Isn’t So Tough

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We all wish there was some magical wand we can wave and the house gets sparkling clean and tidy. Unfotunately, all this only happens in fairy tales and cartoons. Every woman knows how hard it is to keep the house in perfect condition – hours of endless scrubbing and tons of laundry waiting to be done and then ironed.Not to mention cooking, dusting, vacuuming, spot cleaning, etc. which we have to deal with alone most of the times because our significant other is too tired.

Despite the fact we’re working the same type of work, same hours and it takes us equal time to get home. I’m also tired but somehow I still find a way to preform all the daily chores, the easiest way is to lay on the sofa in front of the television and watch a film. Unfortunately the house is not going to clean itself, either I have to do it or we have to hire professional cleaning company to deal with the chores.

I manage with the daily chores they’re not so tough, cleaning the floor takes around fifteen minutes tops. Of course it is way easier when you have hard flooring because all you need is a bucket of water a little detergent and a mop. The dishes are not a problem too because we have a dish-washing machine. I’m terrified when I have to deal with the weekly chores because I try to preform them during the week and have Saturday and Sunday all for myself.

Weekly Cleaning Chores

My mother has always taught me that the house has to be thoroughly cleaned every week and I try my best to do it. On Mondays I clean the kitchen, everything form the highest cupboard all the way to the bottom of the fridge becomes sparkling clean. This includes the microwave, oven, coffee machine, countertop all in all everything there is in the kitchen. Good thing I have this splendid all purpose cleaner at hand which is made entirely form natural ingredients and is toxic free.

Tuesdays are dedicated to the living-room, my husband really hates them because he can’t watch television at piece can you imagine that. It is most likely for him to help me now in order to finish quickly and we really do, in about an hour the room is sparkling clean and tidy. We don’t have a lot of furniture both of us like simple design because it is easier to maintain and looks wonderful. Next day of the week is for the bedroom, there isn’t so much work here because we only sleep there.

I have a day for the bathroom I really hate cleaning the bathroom because is is not well ventilated and sometimes I have to use stronger cleaning solutions to remove limestone and mould. Then comes Friday which is dedicated to the rest of the house, something I have missed and the laundry. Sometimes I don’t want to clean and then at the end of the week we call in cleaning technicians.

All in all, being housewife is a tough job. However, if you have a plan and are organized cleaning your home shouldn’t be such a tough job.

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