Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Vehicle Carpet

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Highly forgotten, the interior of your vehicle endures chaos throughout the seasons. Winter brings snow and salt rocks while spring brings muddy leaves. We can’t forget the fur from the family pet, accidental coffee spill and a child’s messy eating habits. Question is – how do we keep our vehicle clean?

Because our vehicle is an on-the-go product, we have to approach the maintenance as something that can be done quickly and effectively.

There are several ways to keep your vehicles carpet clean and several ways to removing stain in the carpet:

Professional Detailing – Easy and fast, professionals will provide on-location or at-home detailing of your vehicles interior. For a fee, they will transform your interior back to brand new, as the day you purchased. If you have burn holes, they can repair it and remove any hardcore stains saturated over time. Make sure to ask if they have insurance to cover any damages that may occur in their possession, and a policy on replacing lost/demand items. While this method is the most accommodating for the on-the-go person, it can cost a healthy fee.

Self-Cleaning – With a variety of car cleaning products, you can go crazy detailing your interior anyway you desire. Cleaning the carpet can range from 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on how deep the clean. This method is also free (except for the cleaning product purchase – which is your choice on price tag) below are a few methods for self-cleaning your vehicles carpet.

  • DIY Cleaner – In a spray bottle, mix ¼ cup of vinegar and 1 tsp. of dish detergent with hot water. Add a few drops of scented oil to leave a lasting fragrance.
  • Foam cleaners –Apply evenly to carpet, and scrub with a hard-bristled brush. Let sit for 30 minutes. Blot dry.
  • Rent a ‘Rug Doctor’ machine – located at any grocery market, you can rent a water extraction carpet cleaner and let it do all the work. Again, drops of scented oil can be added for fragrance.
  • Faded Carpets – Mix ½ cup of ammonia and 1pt of water. Scrub and let dry.
  • Smelly Carpets – Sprinkle 20-Mule Team borax and let sit for 1 hour. Vacuum. If you have a pet, apply again to kill flees and their eggs.
  • Drink Stains – Apply cold water immediately and blot. If stain has aged, soak the area for 5 minutes with glass cleaner. Unlike carpet cleaner, glass cleaner won’t leave a soapy residue.

Important: Always vacuum carpet before applying cleaning products. Also, do not soak carpet as mold can grow. If possible, leave windows cracked to allow a thorough 24-hour drying.

Author: This article was written by Philippe Allaire, a clean freak French Canadian who likes to write about any home improvement subject, from drywalling to home cleaning, he’s got tricks up his sleeves …

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