Green Cleaning Recipes

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The only thing I hate more than cleaning is the chemicals I have to use in order to do it. Have you ever give a thought for all the potentially toxic ingredients which the cleaning solutions contain. One day I had a terrible headache right after I have cleaned the bathroom, I though it was because the weather was too hot. Unfortunately it occurred again next week during the same cleaning chore and then I was sure it was form the detergent.

Although I make sure the areas which I clean are well ventilated even if it doesn’t say it on the label but apparently it is not enough. Then I decided it is a good idea to learn more about what I use in the house because when it clearly affects me the impact on my children will be even more. After hours of research things were more shocking than I thought. Not only manufacturers of cleaning solutions are not obliged to include all the ingredients used in the formula but they can legally hide the toxic chemicals.

How To Use Common Household Items As Cleaners

As a consequence of the discovery I decided it is better to star making my own cleaning solutions. After all my health and the health of my family are the most important things and I can’t risk them. Therefore I started searching for green cleaning recipes in blogs, I read a bunch of articles and gathered what I think are the most effective ones. As a result now I have large amounts of baking soda and vinegar at home, also I purchased some hydrogen peroxide and a lot of lemons.

In different combination and proportions all these ingredients can clean almost everything around the house, but I’ll tell you about them later on. I haven’t tried all of them but I’m really satisfied with the results form a green all-purpose cleaner. The only disadvantage is you have to wait a long time in order for the solution to be ready. Here is a list of the things you’ll need and how to prepare it – big bottle with a tap, lemon peals, brown sugar, yeast, water and three weeks time.

Cut the peals into small pieces and leave them in a plate or a bowl, pour two litres of water in the bowl, add seven tablespoons of brown sugar shake until it is fully dissolved and then add the peals. Last inset the yeast and shake again, this will accelerate the process and instead of three months you’ll only have to wait three weeks. During this period the solution will ferment and you’ll have to check out for any excess gas.

One done filter it and it is ready for usage, this enzyme all-purpose cleaner will remove not only build up grease and residue but also some stains. Remember to dilute it especially if you’re going to use it on delicate fabric because it is concentrated and may cause some damage. Now about the baking sod as I promised – this is also an all purpose cleaner, you can use it alone or as a paste mixed with water, even with vinegar to remove limestone build up and unclog sewers.

Vinegar is interchangeable with lemon juice the only difference is that lemon smells better and can be used as a natural air-freshener. If you look how to make your home greener we could possibly help with this article.

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