Hardwood Flooring For My Home Renovation

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Home renovation is often a very coveted action taken up by you but takes in a lot of painstaking efforts in terms of the decisions and the choices that you exercise while at it. The furniture, interiors, themes, wall paints and everything from the door to the bedroom needs to be revamped sensibly for your future stay. Thus there is a lot of pressure in accordance with the responsibility of making it a better one than before. All of it is important just like the flooring too. The flooring is something that can add that extra definition to your interiors and already make you feel different even with minimal changes in the other aspects of the house renovation. One such choice of flooring is the hardwood flooring which adds a lot of essence to the detailed renovation and making of any house.

Hardwood flooring ideas

The hardwood firstly gives you a lot many potions to adjust and adapt to the single or various themes that may come up to be housed in your interiors. They have various hardwood shades that can match well with most of the themes and can give a very earthy and grainy feel of the wood in that area. The other benefit of the hardwood flooring is that you can complete the flooring with minimum use of wood in the desired area, so as to even it out if you like it light and specific.

Many people do not like the interiors to be filled with furniture for that wooden look embracing their eyes every now and then. Hence they opt for hardwood floorings to try the light interiors and decorate the other aspects with mixed materials and nice pastel colors to blend with. Hardwood floorings are a good choice only if the wood and the finishes are of good quality for it to sustain the stains and the erratic weather conditions for a long duration. When homes are under renovation, a complete makeover in the existing layout is not really required; only a bit of changes in the décor here and there should work.

You may change a few furniture’s and themes and their placements. But with the renovation, what can really add to the effect is the hardwood flooring that will make it look royal and classy. People like the teak finish in such floorings that give the house a very earthy look like in the case of those old wooden houses. Getting that aesthetic and classy feel, apart from the several compliments that accompany it is one big reason for selecting such kind of home flooring.

The popular varieties that are available in these hardwood floorings are Scandinavian, mid-century and even some industry patterns that may interest you. These are not only in popularity because they are good to look at but also because of their durability which can extend to as long as fifty years of warranty with a good maker of hardwood floorings. It is easy to install and a bit of experience coupled with some skills and ideas can even make you do it on your own.

Brazilian teak is also very popular in the long run because of its use and people are very pleasingly accepting the hardwood flooring to be a part of their bedrooms, living rooms and other areas where they want the feel to be enhanced by such type of a flooring. There are laminate varieties being used that promise good durability otherwise solid wood is famously used as it allows re finishing with a little scraping to it. These oak and teak varieties are very popular and you can get light as well as dark shaded and polishes done on them to add to the look you want. The pre finished varieties are being preferred for their availability, easy installation and durability. The other natural wood counterparts are rustic-ash, maple wood, rosewood etc.

Installing and maintaining the right hardwood flooring

Once you have decided the right type of hardwood that is easy to install and use in your house you can select the shade. A lighter shade is more difficult to maintain and if you have kids and pets that dirty the flooring more often then you must go for medium and darker shades of hardwood floorings. The dealers and manufacturers can be found out by the good online reviews of the ones already available.

You must see your budget and buy from the furnishing store that gives you good service, idea, help and right quality of the hardwood flooring that you liked from them. They must help you with the right tips at installing and maintaining the hardwood flooring. In case the nails come out, the finish gets damaged or any other part of the look is altered, then you must get the needed help from the manufacturer in terms of warranty. It is an expensive product and needs maintenance too in terms of cleaning, minimum spilling, termite protection, polishing etc.

Depending upon your taste, size requirement and budget get the best of it to be installed in your interiors with utmost precision and maintenance for it to deliver its desired worth. The hardwood flooring being used in the renovation of your house will add a glamorous look to it which needs to be balanced with the other aspects of the room too. Cherry, purple floor, mahogany are the other variants in this section that can set your choices rolling on your ground to get the hardwood flooring look in your renovated house.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips shared this post. He is an interior designer with extensive experience on garage flooring and designing people’s homes. Also a married and father of two, he often blogs for different websites ranging from fashion, beauty to interior designing.

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