Four Ways To Make The Exterior Of Your Home More Charming

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If the exterior of your home is starting to lose its appeal, it is about time that you start getting it back in shape. Making the exterior of your home especially charming doesn’t mean expensive details or ambitious landscaping projects. Small changes, like the four examples given below, could go a long way toward establishing a charming curb appeal that your guests as well as passers-by cannot resist ogling at.

Frame your home with a picket fence

The most obvious and fastest way to add charm to your home’s exterior is to install a picket fence around your lawn. These domestic boundaries will not only lend beauty to your space but will also provide a sense of enclosure and safety, making them a perfect addition if you have kids or pets. To make this addition more appealing, consider anchoring the posts with bright blooms for a pop of hue, or train vines to climb over the fence.

Pickets come in different shapes and sizes. While four feet is the standard height, you can set yours higher if you want to achieve more privacy for your outdoor room. Just make sure to check with your local zoning board to ensure that the picket fence you will install won’t go against the height required by the law.

Install plant window boxes

Hang window boxes to spiff up your home’s front windows and fill them with lush annuals. The plants will add texture to the exterior of your house and will also lend seasonal color to the space. When adding window boxes, pay attention to the scale of each box so that they won’t overwhelm your front windows. As a rule of thumb, the planter should follow the width of the window where it will be integrated so that it will not look out of place and to avoid a barely there appearance.

Lay down a pathway

Another great way to lend charm to your home’s exterior is to integrate a walkway that leads to the front door. There are numerous materials that you can use to create your walkway, including natural stones, bricks as well as mixed materials–each has its own way of adding a unique personality to the space. A flagstone walkway, for instance, is especially attractive in a cottage-like setting. You can set the stones in a sand fill or permanently lay them on a concrete. Brick pavers, on the other hand, make for durable walkway materials and can be used either for formal or casual settings since their appearance allows them to blend well in most architectural styles.

The key to having a charming walkway is to set the path in graceful curves. Doing this will make a visual effect of near or far, which in turn can make the area look more spacious than it actually is. To soften the hard edges of the path, accentuate its sides with greens and blooms.

Add an arbor

Give your guests a warm welcome by installing an arbor at the front of your home. This ornamental garden structure is the perfect alternative for a gate and is a great addition that will help frame your home’s entryway. To make the arbor more inviting, allow climbing roses to dress up the structure or let robust vines to ramble up and over it.

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