How To Clean Curtains

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Every home has curtains, or at least I don’ remember recently being in a home without curtains (or as also called drapes). They are preferred because they give a great finished look to any room. Despite the fact that curtain’s main purpose is to block sunlight and assure the privacy of the residents by stopping people outside from being able to see inside, curtains are also used for decoration. Many people try and match the curtains with the carpet or upholstery, while others choose a bold, contrast colour.

If tastefully chosen, curtains look amazing, as long as they are clean and fresh. To keep the as-good-as-new look on your curtains you need to know a few things about maintaining them. If you think curtain cleaning should be performed once every other season you are quite wrong. When you vacuum clean your house use the soft upholstery brush and vacuum clean your curtains as well. Similarly to carpets, curtains get dusty. For more delicate ones you can try occasional shaking.

When it comes to washing your curtains, make sure you have read the labels and make sure it is fine to wash them in the washing machine. Some curtains may shrink or get completely ruined if machine-washed. In this case try steam cleaning. There are also professional cleaning services that can help you. Besides the curtains themselves you should also worry about the curtain rings. Sometimes they can get rusty (if they are metal). In this case boil them in water and vinegar.

Finally, when buying curtains make sure you buy ones that are made out of good quality fabrics and won’t fade on sunlight. This way you will be able to enjoy them for longer.

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