How To Clean Your Mattress

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A lot of people don’t really consider the fact that mattresses need to be cleaned on an occasional basis. Washing the sheets and duvets is not always enough.

Mattress cleaning and washing is not such a great deal really. First of all you need to vacuum clean the area. If you like to grab a snack from time to time and eat it in the bed, this can leave crumbs and other stains. A vacuum clean will ensure you get rid of the crumbs. There are special soft brushes you could use for the purpose. Nowadays there is a huge concern over dust mites on mattresses and other bed bugs, so in order to keep your mattress clean and healthy, you could use the same solutions that you use when cleaning your upholstery. Of course, buy ones that are water based and not so strong, that, if you have sensitive skin, likely to get a rash. Still if you clean your upholstery and don’t have a problems that means it is safe for your mattress as well.

Apply the mattress cleaner using either a sponge and a small bucket of water, or spray on stains and leave for a few minutes in order to achieve a larger effect. You could also create your own solution using baking soda. Mix a tea spoon of baking soda in two parts of water. Apply on the area and let it set for approximately 30 minutes.

These are some of the basics when it comes to carpet cleaning, but more in further posts.

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