How to Keep a Carpet Clean

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Keeping your carpet clean is more that just better for your health, it adds a fresh feel to your home interior and also prolong its life. If you have just installed it, you will definitely realize the expenses made over it. Even if you have not done this lately, you will surely realize the benefits of keeping your carpet crisp and clean. It adds value to your home and helps to keep an odourless home environment. To make sure that your home is beautiful and welcoming place to live in, you should know about the different carpet cleaning methods, protection, and stain removal tricks.

As a general rule of thumb remember that the best away to keep your carpet clean is prevention. It will save you a great amount of money on new carpets or expensive stain removal solutions.

The first thing you should start from is acquiring information on your carpet. You should know what type your carpet is before starting to clean it up. It is important to learn the material it is made from as each product type has its peculiarities. For an example, you do not use heated products/ machines to clean a wool carpet. Additionally, you can not treat it with bleach. You should be aware of your carpet’s fabrics. Otherwise you risk ruining it, instead of cleaning it.

The next step on the agenda list for carpet cleaning is to find a good carpet cleaning agent for the material your carpet is made of. You can search for products at local hardware stores, supermarkets, or DIY stores. You should read the instructions on the package carefully and find out whether this is the right cleaner for your carpet. When you look for a stain removal products, check if they remove the specific stain or not. It is a good idea to find a carpet cleaning product that also eliminates bacteria and germs to clean and sanitize your carpet.

Deep cleaning and stain removal will improve your carpet appearance, but what is crucial is regular vacuuming. It is interesting to point out that nearly 80% of soils and dirt that enter your home are dry. The rest are greases and oils. The dry soil can be easily vacuumed as long as it is performed on regular basis, minimizing fiber damage, fading, and discolouration.

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