How To Keep Your Sofa Clean

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Every home has a sofa, or at least every comfortable, cozy and contemporary home. The sofa is one of our favourite places to sit and relax, to take a nap and sometimes to drink our coffee and have a sandwich. For obvious reasons the last two, however, can make sofa cleaning a challenging and difficult task.

Let’s be honest light-coloured upholstery looks hot. It makes any living room look bigger, brighter and in summer months breezier too. However it is very difficult to clean as white shows dirt very easily. Here I will, give you some tips, which should become your habits from now on especially if you have a white. Cast a quick scan on your sofa before and after you sit on it. This way you will notice stains that were caused while you sat on the sofa. This is not to keep score who makes a bigger mess, but to be able to react straight away. When a stain dries, it becomes more difficult to get rid of it. Try to resist the temptation to eat and drink on your couch. Add a comfortable side table at the side of your sofa for snacks and beverages. Light-coloured sofas should be cleaned or washed at least once a month. Before doing this, make sure you have read the manufacturer’s instructions because some fabrics don’t handle well, aggressive cleaning solutions.

Needless to say you should keep your feet and shoes off the couch, preferably, or at least make sure your feet are clean if doing so. If your couch receives a stain you are unable to remove, consider professional sofa cleaning services. They can steam clean your sofa, or use detergents that will help clean it. If it is impossible, unfortunately, I think you know the drill – simply flip the cushion over.

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