How To Tell If Your Rug Needs Cleaning

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Some say that the best way to clean a Persian carpet or rug is to keep it from getting dirty on the first place. When you come from work on a rainy Monday resist the temptation to enter with your shoes on. Furthermore, resist the temptation to place an oriental rug near your front door. Persian rugs are slightly more delicate and most of them are made from natural fibres, unlike the rest of the polyester carpets we have.

Persian rugs are good because they limit the possibilities for different allergies. Some people for instance get rashes from carpets made of artificial fibres. Carpet cleaning, and oriental rug cleaning is not as tricky as some people believe. You don’t need to wash it often, but you need to be able to recognize the moment. Of course, you do need to vacuum clean your Persian carpet occasionally with a soft brush. This will keep if fluff and will remove dust, crumbs, etc. In order to determine when is it high-time for washing lift up one of the corners of your rug and kick the back of it. If a cloud of dust prevents you from seeing your own arms and legs, then you should probably get it outside for a good “beating” and give it a proper deep clean.

You could also determine whether your carpet is ready for washing by moving some furniture around. Compare the zones – if there is a huge difference between the zone covered with furniture and the one that is not, then it is probably a good idea to wash it.

After you have thoroughly washed and rinsed leave to dry completely. Don’t put a damp Persian rug away to store, as it will accumulate mold and that is the last think you want. When dry vacuum clean again – that will guarantee your rug will be fluffy again when you place it.

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