Why Carpets Are Good Idea For Your Bedroom

Carpets have a lot to offer. They are soft and warm, add colour and style to the interior, certain types are inexpensive compared to other flooring options and professional carpet cleaning doesn’t cost much. However, when it comes to decide what type of floor to choose for your bedroom then the fight is between comfort versus functionality. Not many people can say no to the soft environment a carpet provides. So, to help you out I will try to list and weight a number of advantages and a few drawbacks concerning carpets. Continue reading

5 Tips To Clean Your Home in Under 40 Minutes

When you don’t have an entire day to clean your home, you will have to deal with what you have. What if family friends call and tell you they will be at your place in an hour, even less? How can you catch up with all the cleaning chores you have left for the weekend? Carpet cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning or window cleaning are time-consuming tasks. But don’t despair. Below you can find a few great ideas to help you prep your home in under 40 minutes for your guests. Continue reading

Can Carpet Cleaning Go Green?

It’s time for carpet cleaning in your home to go the green way. Even though you’re consistent in your efforts to spot clean it, it comes a time when it’s just not enough. One day you turn around and take a closer look at the floor only to realize that your home carpet is a few shades darker than when you bought it. Another possible scenario is that one day you spill a cup of black coffee. Hastily you start blotting and then cleaning the area, only to see that the cleaned area is much lighter than the rest. Continue reading

Top Ten Safety Tips For Decorating Your Home

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), injuries related to the misuse of tools and machinery account for 87,000 people turning up at hospital in the UK each year and stepladder accidents resulting in around 41,000.

With such a large amount of house related accidents as a result of DIY activity, it’s no wonder that the emphasis on health and safety whilst decorating your home is ever more important.

From laying new carpets and installing new bathrooms, to putting up shelves and even cleaning up when you’re finished, the following top ten safety tips will ensure that any health and safety hazards are kept to a minimum. Continue reading

Four Ways To Make The Exterior Of Your Home More Charming

If the exterior of your home is starting to lose its appeal, it is about time that you start getting it back in shape. Making the exterior of your home especially charming doesn’t mean expensive details or ambitious landscaping projects. Small changes, like the four examples given below, could go a long way toward establishing a charming curb appeal that your guests as well as passers-by cannot resist ogling at. Continue reading

Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Vehicle Carpet

Highly forgotten, the interior of your vehicle endures chaos throughout the seasons. Winter brings snow and salt rocks while spring brings muddy leaves. We can’t forget the fur from the family pet, accidental coffee spill and a child’s messy eating habits. Question is – how do we keep our vehicle clean?

Because our vehicle is an on-the-go product, we have to approach the maintenance as something that can be done quickly and effectively. Continue reading

How To Use Carpet Cleaning Products Correctly?

With so many products on the market claiming to be the best at removing dirt and grime from carpets, it can be difficult to choose the correct product for your particular carpet. Carpets can be very unique and what might remove dirt from one carpet could actually cause damage to another. Here, we look at ways to ensure you are using the correct product for your carpet. Continue reading