Rug Design Ideas – Releasing Your Inner Interior Designer

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If you’ve glanced at the title of this article you’re probably thinking “Are you kidding me? How are rugs going to help me release my inner interior designer?” Well hold those thoughts right there, rugs are a perfect way of complementing a room, no matter the type of rug design you choose.

Now the humble rug is the stomping ground for muddy footprints from humans and dogs alike. But numerous spills and a hammering from excessive use of the vacuum can leave your rug looking less than healthy. If your rug has seen better days it might need more than wipe over or a professional clean – it might be time for a new rug.

Rugs are perfect for layering or acting as centrepieces for any room. If you choose a rug before the rest of your interior decor this is an ideal way to base the design of the whole room upon. For example, you’ve seen a beautiful brown, jade green and cream rug; this is the perfect place to start constructing a colour board. From there you can add a simple patterned wall paper for the feature wall and then build around it. Accessory-wise you could add simple vases and chic picture frames to the room or keep it simple with a set of stylish curtains and matching cushions. The ideas are entirely up to you as there are so many different designs out there.

When choosing a rug make sure you know the material from which it is made. Some rugs have polythene fibres (which are found in synthetic hair extensions) which is a material that is quite flammable. The fibres can fuse together and melt when subjected to excessive heat. Look for a rug that is made from a hard wearing material such as wool or cotton. Materials such as wool and cotton can be washed and taken care of quite easily. Materials such as silk are more of a luxury item and rugs made using this material should come with special instructions on how to clean the item without damaging or fraying the material.

Rugs are a staple in many homes across the UK and without them our floors would be cold and our rooms dreary. It’s time to embrace rugs and use them in every room, and not just to add an extra piece of design to the room, but to show off the elegance and perfection of a thing of true beauty.

After reading these few ideas you should hopefully be able to release your inner interior designer.

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