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A window without curtains or blinds somewhat seems unfinished and incomplete. Curtains give a finished look to every room in your home. And so do carpets. They both add warmth and cozyness and blinds also provide for adding “height”.

 When choosing curtains go for the slightly more expensive ones, but those made of better quality fabrics. This is important if you don’t want to change curtains every other year. This way you can also make sure that they won’t fade on sunlight and their colours will look as rich and good as new. Even though silk is expensive and luxurious, keep in mind it fades quickly. Quality fabrics are also easier to maintain as they are more durable. Cleaning curtains, usually involves dusting and vacuum cleaning with a soft brush. When choosing curtains choose ones that are machine washable. This will save you money, however sometimes you just need to give to the dry cleaners.

 In addition, when picking up curtains choose different types and patterns for the different rooms. Many people make the mistake to stick with one type, because they think otherwise the whole décor will be ruined. Unlike what those people think, choosing different types will not dramatically change the style in your home. Furthermore know the difference between curtains in terms of privacy. Even though sheer drapes are breezy and look great, they are very inappropriate for bedrooms, the reason for which I am not going to explain. Instead, you can put them in the living room – they will allow light, which is also something you would want in your living room, rather than your bedroom, especially if it provides great views of the sunrise.

Choosing curtains and cleaning them are not the easiest things on earth, but if you do it well and tastefully, you will achieve the great look you always wanted.

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