Six Ways to Make Space In Your Home

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Most people don’t have the luxury of living in a palatial pad with endless amounts of space. In fact, a lot of people struggle to find ways to create enough room in their homes for all their worldly belongings. However, there are lots of ways that you can make extra space in your home…

Tidy and de-clutter

This might sound like an obvious solution but it’s actually the most practical, most economical and most likely to get you the results you want.

Having a good tidy up can work wonders for adding extra space to your home. Aside from putting things away and organising your possessions, it’s also worthwhile now and again having a good clear out of items that you no longer need or use. Fill a bag and send it to your local charity shop. There is no point hanging on to things for the sake of it, so try and detach yourself from sentimentality when it comes to seldom-used belongings.

Don’t acquire too many things

If you want to create space in your home, then a good mantra is to try and avoid acquiring too many possessions. Keep just one main item of furniture for each room and ask yourself if you need so many other things in the room that you’re trying to add space to. If you see a bargain or two at the local stores ask yourself if you really need to buy it.

Even better; don’t make impulse purchases. If you see something you like, go away for a few days and then decide if you still want it.

Make use of vertical space

If space is at a premium in your home then get thinking vertically. Make use of the wall area to store your things. Shelving works well in almost any room in the house, so use this space to store books, photos, bathroom toiletries, and pots and pans.

You’ll notice how much space you have freed up on the floor and in cupboards, so it’s well worth doing.

Put items in storage

If you’re really serious about making extra space at home, then putting items in self-storage facilities is a sensible option. If you have large possessions that you don’t use very often but don’t want to part with, then utilising self-storage services means that you can still keep them, visit or use them when you want, and have the option to bring them home in the future if you get the space again.


This isn’t the cheapest option going, but it can make a difference in the long-term, especially if you are in desperate need of some additional space. Many people consider creating extra room in their home by having a loft conversion. This means they turn the loft space into an extra living area or bedroom. It requires a bit of planning and you’ll need expertise from professional builders. But also bear in mind that although it will create an extra room, it will also take away valuable storage space that you had for your possessions. You might also need to add some stairs in the area underneath the attic, which might eat into another room.

Some people also decide to convert their garage into extra living space, which again requires thought and consideration, but is well worth doing if you can afford it.


It’s also possible to create extra living space by adding an extension on to your home, if you have the available land free. This could mean adding to the side, back or the front, for example. You might need to check to see if you require planning permission and again, like having a loft conversion, you’ll need to seek advice from professional builders.

Guest post submitted by A. Fowler for Buckley Loft Conversions: specialists in loft conversions Shropshire and the surrounding areas. Visit their gallery to see examples of how your loft conversion could look.

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