Some tips to amazingly improve your bathroom ambiance

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A person will most likely spend around a quarter of life inside the bathroom, turning this room into one of the most important from a house. Research conducted by the New York Times show that the bathroom is also the most dangerous place in the entire house, while it leads to around 70% of the total inside injuries. Each year some 235,000 people over the age of 15 visit hospital emergency rooms because of injuries suffered while in the bathroom.Moreover, nearly 14% of patients require hospitalization, leading to the conclusion that bathroom injuries tend to be serious.

On the other hand, many of these injuries could have been prevented if people would have been more careful and conscious about their bathrooms look like. Some easy decors and touch-ups to your restroom could not only diminish the rate of accidents but will definitely contribute to the overall ambiance of the place, turning it into a true relaxation corner.
Treat bathroom as any other room inside the house.

Most people do not offer a great importance to the way their bathrooms look like, which can lead to a negative impact of their bathroom-related experiences. Specialists sustain the idea of creating a relaxation corner from the bathroom, making it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Thus, the next time you consider house remodeling, also take bathrooms into consideration and try to transform them into stylish and efficient rooms, no matter how small or big they are. Those of you who already decided to dramatically improve the bath’s ambiance, here are some useful tips to take into account:

  • Before remodeling think about your bathroom type and redecorate it according to its size. Of course, bigger bathrooms will incorporate more things than a smaller one, but it is its utility which makes the difference at the end of the day. Bigger bathrooms can claim a royal size bath tub while smaller ones should only benefit from a shower cabin to reduce the occupied space.
  • Ventilation is also extremely important when trying to change the ambiance of the bathroom. Baths that have incorporated a window or a balcony door will certainly claim the glory of fresh air no matter the case. By comparison, bathrooms that lack a source of natural lighting and ventilation will require powerful artificial ventilation from fans and not only. Before stepping into the shower, make sure you turn on your exhaust fan. This will help you eliminate unnecessary humidity and odors. Moreover, such bathrooms could also use fresh odorants to diminish the unpleasant smells.
  • Use perfumed candles and create a romantic atmosphere. What can be more relaxing after a hard day of work if not a reinvigorating hot bath and a glass of wine? Turn this experience into a more pleasant one by simply adding perfumed candles on your bath tub or on the counters. Use relaxing scents like cinnamon, lavender, rose or vanilla and complete the ambiance with soft music and colorful bath foams.
  • Change flooring. Another simple way to dramatically change your bathroom’s ambiance is by changing the old flooring with newer and more stylish ones. Bathroom floors are extremely important inside a house because it usually makes the transition from hallways to rooms and kitchen. Also, the bathroom is the second most visited room by guests after the living room so keeping it stylish is a must for those inviting many people over. According to your preferences and the chromatics of the rest of your house, choose the most appropriate colors for bath floors. The most common color used in decorating bathrooms is blue, but for those who consider turning this room into a true style-statement, you should use stronger colors and mixture of colors such as red, orange, or the classic duo black and white. Purple shades, including lavender are pleasant and help restore inside balance easier.
  • Add bigger mirrors and luminous spots on the ceiling. Light is also important when creating the ambiance of the bathroom, especially for those who lack windows. Big mirrors which are constantly clean and shiny will give the impression of a bigger restroom while spotlights will set the mood. However, women should avoid doing their makeup in a bathroom without natural lighting because of the position of spotlights. Light coming from above is not suitable because it makes skin’s complexion look brighter than it is, determining women to use darker shades of foundation which will not look natural on the daylight.


Andrew Hannigan is a DIY enthusiast. He is a self-taught home improvement expert and is currently working with who are known for their vast collection of bathroom mirrors, especially these look nice.

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