The Benefits of Carpeting

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Old school vinyl linoleum floors and cold slate tiles are not as much in demand anymore as used to be a century ago. Nowadays when the selection of flooring is endless, you want to go with the best option for your family. However choosing flooring is often a dilemma. One of the modern most popular options is humble carpet. Although you might have little children, pets or an extended family which are the cause of heavier traffic, I still recommend you to look into carpeting and this is why:

To start with, one of the most obvious benefits of carpeting is the coziness and softens it spreads from one room to another. What is not that obvious and often underestimated is that carpets contribute into insulation and thermal regulation. Therefore the higher the density of the carpet the greater the level of insulation in your home.

Apart from the soft touch your children, pets and all the member of the family will definitely enjoy, you also save some money in your pocket by choosing carpet over any other flooring. Indeed carpet is naturally much cheaper option rather than any other types of flooring. Of course if you want a little more luxurious carpeting, you could also spend a little more on any kind of carpet masterpiece. The verity will astonish you.

Whether you are fairly clumpy or your children are very young or your elderly relatives are visiting, carpet will also play a safety role in your home. Offering slip resistance and cushioning for any unforeseen falls all your beloved ones and yourself are protected while in the house. The texture of carpets also varies therefore you can go with a thicker or thinner option when choosing our carpeting.

Although there is a belief that carpets catch smell and allergy triggers spreading it throughout your home, it in fact improves the air and decreases the presence of allergens. Carpet acts as a filter absorbing harmful pollutants, dust and dirt. If you keep your carpet professionally cleaned regularly, just like any other filter, you help it working better for you making sure your home is pollutants free zone.

Despite some people saying that it is hard to clean stains of the carpet, this type of flooring is in fact a low maintenance option. Nowadays with the giant selection of carpets out there most of them are designed with easier cleanability in mind. However as I mentioned before if you get your carpet professionally cleaned on regular basis, you have no stains or odor headaches.

All pet owners know that a carpet is also a soundproof system for the house. It reduces the noise of foot traffic as well the sound thunder of your four legged friends.


Samantha Cube is a professional writer covering topics of her passion including DIY and professional home improvement. Rug and carpet cleaning is only a small part of Samantha’s mission to collect and share best practices revealing professional secrets how to keep odor out of your home, clean wine stains, extend children room and more other every day home works. Samantha cooperates with specialists, learning expert opinion and trying out helpful tips, making sure they are worth applying in your own home.

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