The Best Way To Keep A Rug Clean

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The thought of cleaning a rug can be a daunting one purely because this is the point that you realise how much dirt it is exposed to on a daily basis. New rugs are expensive and new carpets or hard flooring even more so, so it’s important to keep this one looking clean and fresh for as long as possible. Here are a few tips on how to minimise damage to your favourite rug and how to clean them correctly.

No shoes in the house is the only way to prevent the daily dirt being ground into your favourite pile. Socks will help you maintain the cleanliness of your rug for longer which ultimately means maintaining your own sanity because you don’t have to clean it every day. If a shoe free policy doesn’t suit you or it just doesn’t last very long then you really need to vacuum the rug at least twice a week but if you can then daily is even better. If people are wearing shoes around your house then it’s also not a good idea to purchase a light coloured rug as dirt will show up on these quickly.

If you care for your rug regularly then it shouldn’t require a deep clean for around a year, however, when this time comes you should follow the following steps in order to get your rug from grubby to gleaming.

Firstly, if a lot of dirt falls from the rug when you shake it at the corners then it’s time to clean. Also if you can rub the carpet for about ten seconds and your hands are dirty then this also indicates that it’s time for a deep clean.

If your rug is ready for a clean then it’s easy enough to do and won’t be as expensive as you think; alternatively you could always take it to a professional so that they can do it for you. When you decide you’re ready to tackle the challenge the first thing you should do is move the rug outside or into the garage – it doesn’t matter whether the rug is large or small, it shouldn’t be cleaned inside. Once it’s outside vacuum it on both sides, in both directions. After this you will need to shampoo it. Find a mild shampoo and cold water and use some on a small area to make sure it doesn’t change the colour of your carpet, if it doesn’t then shampoo the entire area. You should use a sponge and a soft brush in order to free all of the embedded dirt. Don’t rub the rug too hard though as this could damage it more than leaving the dirt embedded in its base. If your rug also have a fringe then this will need to be cleaned too. Continually brush the fringe away from the rug using the same solution as before. Once you’ve done this you need to rinse the entire rug with clean water and then remove any excess water. Once the excess water has been removed you can leave the rug flat to dry. A soon as the rug has completely dried you’re safe to bring it back inside; if it’s a little stiff because of all the cleaning, try vacuuming it to loosen the pile slightly.

If you think your carpets need protecting or you think your living room could do with jazzing up a little then rugs are the perfect way to do this. It doesn’t matter if you want large rugs or small rugs, reputable sellers such as, have everything you could need.

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