Tips On Keeping Your Home Smelling Fresh

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At some point, most homeowners will suffer a foul smelling odor within their home. The culprit could be anything from pet smells to something much more sinister like damp wood or an infestation of unwanted pests. Whatever the cause of the odor it is important that you identify it and act as quickly as possible to help rid your home of the smell. Masking it can help improve the scent of a room for a little while but getting rid of the cause as well as the bacteria or other spores that are causing the smell will give you the kind of long term relief you require.

Smoke Smells

Smoke leaves a long term smell in a property and even if the smoker has moved out some time age, the stains can remain on walls and ceilings. If these stains become wet then the smell may well resurface again giving a mysterious, stale smell. Redecorating is your long term option because the smell can get into carpets and onto the floor as well as the furniture, walls and ceiling.

The Floor

The floor is a common area for odor sources to start. People traipse through rooms with muddy shoes and if you have pets then these not only walk on the floor after running around the garden and parks but they lay on the floor leaving their natural oily scent in the areas they most commonly choose to rest. Such smells can become really ingrained, even if you regularly vacuum your floor.

Vacuuming And Carpet Cleaning

The typical home vacuum rarely picks up every bit of dirt and debris and will inevitably leave bacteria and more down at floor level. Vacuuming will help to remove the majority of dirt and it is important that you do so regularly, along with mopping and cleaning hard floor surfaces too but you should consider having your carpet cleaned professionally periodically. Professional floor cleaning gets deeper than the household vacuum and picks up more of the dirt and even the bacteria that are lying around. Not only does this leave the floor cleaner but it will smell fresher too.


Furniture is another area where odor causing bacteria can collect, especially down the sides of cushions and in hard to reach and hard to clean places. Take the time to give your property a spring clean every year. Regularly open your windows because there is no better air than fresh air and, when you are cleaning use products that not only smell good but work to help get rid of the bacteria that caused the smell in the first place.

Cleaning Tips

Baking soda can neutralize pH values subsequently killing odors and getting rid of smells in carpets. Vinegar can be used on the walls but it should be diluted before use and you should always ensure that you clean the walls once you have finished otherwise the vinegar may end up causing a smell within the room. These techniques can prove effective but you may need a more permanent solution to help get rid of odors in your rooms.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaners

Anti-bacterial cleaners and sprays are an effective means of making a room smell nice. They contain various anti-bacterial ingredients that kill bacteria and they also contain sweet smelling deodorants. The anti-bacterial properties within the cleaners get rid of the bad smells replaced by the pleasant deodorant smell. manufactures and supplies a large range of cleaning products and anti-bacterial products that help neutralize house smells, pet odors, and more.

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