Tips to hire office cleaning service

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Shop around:

Contact at least three different companies and collect the price quotes. Remember, it’s not always best to hire the service provider offering you the lowest price quote. Make sure that the price quotes provided by the companies include labor and equipment charges as well. Always stay away from deals which sound too good to be true.

Interview the service:

Make sure you interview the person who will be supervising the cleaning.

Emergency cleaning service:

Find out whether the company can clean your office after emergencies like flood, fire, icy sidewalks etc. If the company can assist you with the cleaning process after such disasters then it will save you enough time and cash.

Background check:

Check the background of the cleaning service to ensure that the service provider you choose is legitimate and effective. Also check the credibility of the company. Be assured that the crew that comes to your office is trustworthy because the house cleaners will have access to all the private belongings and documents in your office.

Ask for recommendations:

Ask for the recommendations from your friends or family members before hiring the services of a cleaning service company. However, if none of your friends or family members can come to your rescue, then take help of Yellow Pages. Open the Yellow Pages and start calling various companies. You can also take help from online review websites. If the cleaning service provider has a website then check it- see what information the website provides, whether the company is licensed or not etc. It’s advisable that you don’t select a company just by looking at the website’s appearance because appearances can be deceptive! Do a thorough research before zeroing in on a company.

Business tenure:

Find out that how long the cleaning service company you choose has been in business. Obviously, a company with many years of experience in your community is worth hiring and relying upon.

Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

Find out whether the cleaning company you choose has the required license or not. If they are bonded, you should be rest assured that your office belongings are safe in their hands. Also make sure the company is insured. Ask for the proof of the insurance before signing up an agreement.

Do they guarantee their work?

Find out whether the company has any refund policy, in case you are not satisfied with its services. You also need to be aware of all the products and/or services guarantees the company offers. Get all the scope of work and price in writing before the job is started, this will help you receive all that you were promised.

Who is assigned to manage your account?

Before you hire the services of a cleaning company, find out who will manage your account. In most cases, once the cleaning company gets the deal, it becomes difficult to reach out to them over the phone. Or, every time you call up the company, you might have to talk to someone different who does not know your particular requirements.

If you want to hire the services of office cleaning professionals in Suffolk County, then follow afore mentioned guidelines.

Alicia Hodkins is a business owner who loves to keep his office clean and decluttered. In addition to running a business, he is passionate about writing article as well. He has written many articles related to how to keep office clean, how to increase the work space, and how to hire the services of an office cleaning professional. 

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