Upholstery Fabrics And How They Wear

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Someone once said that when you go shopping for upholstery, choosing the right fabric will be the most expensive decision you will make throughout the entire purchase. And one of the most important questions you will ask yourself shouldn’t be “How does this fabric feel?”, but “ How does it wear?”.

This is not a very easy question to answer, honestly. I am sorry if this sounds disappointing, but I is the truth. Usually how the upholstery is used depends how quickly it will wear. The same leather couch can “last” for 10 years with one owner and 25 with another. For instance cotton is very flexible, but it attracts dust and gets very dirty, very soon. So, unless you don’t mind upholstery cleaning you can pick cotton. Keep in mind that frequent cleaning can also help the wearing process. Even spot cleaning is sometimes tricky as the area where the stain was is a little more faded than the rest of the couch. For this reason use natural cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda and always check on a spot on the couch that is not easily visible. Acrylic is another fabric increasingly used in many households. It is not very difficult to clean and modacrylyc (which is an improved version of acrylic) is considered to be better as it is soil resistant.For now leather is the absolute winner. Although its maintenance is relatively low, it is still very specific. However, leather is very durable material and you will find it very beneficial.

Hopefully this was helpful. Keep yourselves posted for further advice straight from experienced professionals.

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