Why Carpets Are Good Idea For Your Bedroom

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Carpets have a lot to offer. They are soft and warm, add colour and style to the interior, certain types are inexpensive compared to other flooring options and professional carpet cleaning doesn’t cost much. However, when it comes to decide what type of floor to choose for your bedroom then the fight is between comfort versus functionality. Not many people can say no to the soft environment a carpet provides. So, to help you out I will try to list and weight a number of advantages and a few drawbacks concerning carpets.

The Pros of Carpet in Your Bedroom

Below you can find four reasons why a carpet will be a good fit for your bedroom.

EASY MAINTENANCE and Carpet Cleaning

Keeping a carpet in good shape is not a difficult task provided that you are consistent and have a dedicated budget for the job. Your efforts can include regular (at least once a week) vacuum cleaning, spot treatment and stain removal. It’s good to hire a professional carpet cleaning Hampstead provider at least once a year.

Keep Feet Warm

Every carpet is a fabric either synthetic or natural that covers the floor. But no matter whether it’s made of wool or polyester it keeps our feet warm during the cold part of the year. No other flooring option can offer you this instant feeling of coziness. Carpet has an enormous warmth factor.

Soft and Comfortable

No other flooring option, I repeat no other flooring option can provide a tenth of the softness and comfort a carpet offers to your bare feet. You can walk barefoot all day and feel the same nice touch and fibres embracing gently your feet. Kids like to spend lots of time playing on a carpet.

Reducing Sounds

Carpets unlike stone floors, hardwood or laminates absorb a great amount of sound waves travelling around the house. Someone turns on the TV 3 o’clock in the morning. No problem much of the noise will be sucked by the fabrics of your carpet. You will be able to continue your blissful sleep without interruption.

The Cons of Carpet in Your Bedroom

Each coin has two sides which is true for carpets, too. Carpets have a few but noteworthy disadvantages you should consider before installing a new carpet in your bedroom. Here are two of them which might cause you a lot of problems.

Stains and Soiling

Carpets pick and accumulate soil and dirt much more easier than any other type of flooring. But that is not all. Getting the dirt out of the carpet is time-consuming and expensive process, again compared to other flooring options. For example, to deep clean a carpet you need professional equipment and expert knowledge to operate it. Otherwise you risk ruining it irreversibly. Another thorny issue with carpets is staining. Fabrics get stains like crazy and it’s way too difficult to remove it, especially when it has been there for some time.


Bedrooms aren’t a high-traffic area. You can expect your bedroom carpet to outlast the rest of the house by a stretch. However, it can’t compare in terms of durability with other flooring options like laminate, hardwood or even lino.

Even though there are reasonable suggestions for  not placing a carpet in a bedroom, I have been enjoying my bedroom carpet for nearly 5 years now. And yes expert carpet cleaning hits my budget sometimes pretty hard, but I will never give up on the soft feeling of walking barefoot on a carpet.

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